Understanding that before an individual can be involved in missions, he/she must have a basic and specific knowledge of missions. International Mission Builders desires to place representatives in local churches to inform members of mission activities and needs, and also specifically address, "How can ‘I’ become involved in missions?"


Understanding that the spirit of fear and inadequacy are major stumbling blocks which keep God’s children from mission involvement. Mission Builders must promote missions in a positive, yet realistic way. We will never under emphasize the sacrifice of missions as this is a necessity of the process, but will focus on the blessings of mission involvement.


Understanding that commitment is an important part of the Christian walk and that faith is dead without works, Mission Builders will actively seek to enlist the laity for mission involvement.


Understanding that many have the desire for mission involvement but simply do not know "how," "when," or "where;" Mission Builders will provide helps to assist local churches on the planning, promoting, and completing mission activities.

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