Trip Policies

Basic Policies & Procedures for Short Term Mission Trips

  1. Applicant should pray and seek God’s will regarding participating in a trip.
  2. Carefully and honestly answer each question on the information sheet.
  3. Make a commitment that if selected, all the training meetings will be attended.
  4. Obtain a Passport and Visa, (give at least 6 weeks) if needed, and any necessary shots at least 30 days prior to departure of an overseas mission trip.
  5. Team member will be required to complete a prescribed release form prior to selection of the team (see attached form).
  6. Team member will be required to have a pastor’s recommendation completed and returned.
  7. Minimum age requirement for oversees mission trips is 18 or 16 if accompanied by a parent.

International Field Policies of Mission Builders Field Behavior

  1. Team members are reminded that they are ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ. As team members, they not only represent Him, but also the United States, their local churches, and the entire Body of Christ. This responsibility is tremendous and therefore must not be taken lightly.
  2. Team members must submit to the team leader’s authority.
  3. Due to political instability and anti-American sentiment in various countries around the world, IMB asks each team member to refrain from expressing their political opinions while on the field. Political and/or national t-shirts or hats should also be avoided.
  4. If anytime on the field a team member’s behavior constitutes a problem, the team leader had the authority to ask the team member to return home. Any additional cost incurred as a result of this action will be at the team member’s expense.
  5. Due to unstable environment on the field, team members are requested never to leave the group unaccompanied. Team members should travel in groups only.
  6. Dress should always be appropriate on the mission field. There are to be no shirts or hats with reference to alcoholic beverages, vulgarity, etc. Men are asked to wear shirts at all times while on the construction sites. During schedules church services and house to house witnessing men should wear long pants and ladies should wear dresses. Team leader has final discretion of appropriate attire for differing situations.
  7. Attendance of all mission trip team functions (devotions, witnessing, church services, etc.) is mandatory.

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